After all the activity last month (May) with kick starting our NP back into action June has been rather quiet, so quiet in fact that we delayed our NP meeting to July 5th. The reason for this has been waiting for our Housing Needs Assessment to get started and complete. I am pleased to say that we have now have confirmation from Locality that they will provide Technical Support for this and AECOM have agreed to take on the work. I have had my first meeting with them on 4th. July.

Other things kicked off / happened in June:

  • Wrote to SDNP to update them on our progress and to seek their views on our site assessments carried out to date, they have responded and will provide feedback on the sites and any potential for housing.
  • Wrote to WSCC to seek better support from their Planning Dept. on our NP but still waiting a response from their Planning & Transport Manager. (have chased)
  • Received a request from a Small Dole resident regarding extending the Built Up Area Boundary (BUAB) to allow him to build a new house as he said HDC had suggested we include in the NP. I consulted with Norman Kwan at HDC who said that this was something they would be looking at through the local plan review and would not be expecting parishes to undertake. This will ensure HDC use a consistent approach and methodology across all settlements rather than different interpretations being used by Parishes introducing discrepancies between how the BUABs were assessed for different settlements across the district, which might be problematic at appeals later on. This work will be done by James Overall who will be consulting on revised boundaries in the Issues and Options this Autumn.
  • The meeting with AECOM went well and they have asked for some more detail on our Survey, some stats regarding the Parish, Local Estate Agents and numbers of new homes built since 2011. They have suggested that our NP covers the period to 2031. They also stated that they can help with site assessments and I have asked Locality if we can have this included in our Technical Support Package (waiting response)
  • AECOM hope to complete the HNA by end of July for us to assess with final sign off by mid August.They also stated that the HNA makes no consideration of Flood Plains, SDNP, Green Spaces etc. it is based on unconstrained demand which we then tailor to our particular constraints.
  • We will not be attending the Heritage Workshop being run by HDC as it was felt our Parish did not require any additional information on this.
  • Next NP Meeting on 5th. July at 7.30 in THE HUB Baptist Church UB

Sean Teatum
NP Team Chairman

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