March NP Update to the PC & Notes of NP Meeting 15th Feb 2017



Hi All,

Quick and brief update on what’s been going on, which isn’t a lot in all honesty.

We had an NP meeting on 15th. Feb. where we discussed Green Spaces and Community Assets, the recent White Paper on Housing and the additional engagement of a professional to produce some maps for us.
We have some additional work on our Green Spaces which Katherine has agreed to do and have identified the following Community Assets for the PC to consider. These are:
The Village Hall
The Baptist Church
The Gladys Bevan Hall
The Rising Sun.

With regards progress of our draft plan we are still waiting for HDC to respond. Alison has chased Norman Kwan who has promised to respond by the 9th. MARCH on our draft to date and SA.
Norman has sent out some new template’s to use for site selection so will be interesting to get his views on what we have done to date as I have done site selection using two different templates and believe we have covered all his new template requirements already.

A professional has been engaged to produce our maps within the plan

We will be holding our next NP Meeting on 15th of March TBC in the HUB

Sean Teatum
NP Chair.


Attendees:John Rowland, Alan Chilver, Mike Bray, Miles Carey, Joyce Shaw, Katherine Bowlan, Sally Norvell-Baker Sean Teatum, Jennifer Wood, Juliet Hindson, Miles Carey, Jennifer Wood and Paul Hojka

Apologies: Carol and Geoff Parker, Andrew Purches

Hi All,

Sorry in delay getting some notes out from our last meeting (been busy)
Points covered:

1. Update since last meeting (lots of stuff been sent out) Sean distributed handouts, slides and details from HDC workshop. Some discussion took place and some people said they would read further and feed back any comments
ACTION Miles to send a piece on Village Hall re: Community Asset and Joyce said she would do for Gladys Bevan Hall
2. Update from HDC
No feedback from Norman Kwan yet, who has been chased and stated that he would try and respond by end of week 17th Feb.
PLEASE NOTE Norman has been chased again and has promised response by 9th. March!!!) 
This will be interesting as HDC have sent out a new Site Assessment Template to use. Hopefully their feedback will say our site assessments are OK as I have done twice (and will not be doing again*:( sad)
3. Green Spaces
We agreed we would use Professional recommended by Alison to produce our maps and include maps of Green Spaces.
ACTION Katherine to add more detail and fill in template sent by Faustina as best she could and return to Sean
4. Draft Consultation Statement
This was  handed out and discussed, any feedback welcome. Sean said he would try to populate and feedback.
ACTION All to comment and feed back to Sean who will populate.
5. AOB
  • Based on no response from certain members the Chair would no longer include them in the distribution,(these are James Counihan, Chris Warren Helen and John Dobbin).
  • The Chair asked whether Miles and Jennifer wanted to be part of the Team and both agreed to join.
  • Paul who attended this evening wanted to be copied into any notes and would decide later on whether to join the Team
  • No other key points raised, DONM would be decided on feedback from HDC
(Based on item 2 update I think the DONM will be 15th. March)

Sean Teatum

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