Beeding Cement Works Community Wants & Draft Policies

Shoreham Cement Works 17022015

Cement Works Policy V6

Ideas for Beeding Cement Works from Community Engagement

  • Restore facade of main building and Labs opposite as example of 1950s architecture
  • Build South Downs Visitor Centre with parks, camp site, shops, cafe, Youth hostel, stables, and cycle centre.
  • Sports Centre to include: Gym, Ice Skating, Ski Slope, Swimming Pool, Rock Climbing, Water Sports, Zip Wire, Fun Games.
  • Music Centre / Studios & Practice venue
  • Housing, Sheltered, Social, Affordable, market and high Spec
  • Working Zones for businesses to accommodate existing but in greener environment.
  • Business Zone for start-ups, little pods for new businesses to network and build
  • Bus Museum and Artefacts Cement Works Museum & Heritage Centre
  • Wild Life Centre and Sanctuary for birds, fish & plants. Utilising the river.
  • Education & Innovative Centre for Arts, Science & Technology. – build the skills required for the local area, to include residential and study facilities for students of all ages – Top Primary to University – with day and longer courses appropriate to. Apprenticeships based on what business may eventually be on site, Foster cross-disciplinary collaborations to lead on new ideas and build them into new industries etc.
  • House a number of businesses specialising in green energy, companies for research and manufacture
  • Tree Top restaurant built in keeping with the country side sourcing its food from local companies but affordable to all
  • Self-sufficient power infrastructure and sewage works to serve immediate and local communities
  • Art Gallery bringing local artists in to sell their painting and their artefacts
  • Riverside Hotel & Leisure facilities with jetty.
  • Promote businesses offering Skilled and Semi Skilled Employment Opportunities for the Local Community
  • Pump Reservoirs,
  • Exhibition Centre.
  • Bus Station,
  • Bike City
  • Vineyards
  • Amphitheatre
  • Re-Using the current buildings
  • Local Tourist attraction
  • Making use of the local materials and resources
  • Hospitality Facilities with a ‘Natural’ look