Community Engagement

Upper Beeding Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Including Small Dole & Edburton

 The Localism Act has changed the Planning System and gives local people more control. As a resident or business in the Parish we need your views, ideas and opinions to draw up a Neighbourhood Plan (NP) of what we want, need, or even do not want in the next 20 years for the Parish.

We have a huge opportunity to generate a robust plan for now and our next generation.

Why bother?

No plan could mean higher risk of development where we do not want it. We will also be in a stronger position to get facilities we need and more money from Horsham District Council. We could also run a local enterprise, like a shop or pub

 Neighbourhood Plan so far…..

We have a small Team, we have grants, we have an agreed designated Area. We have tried to engage the community but only 10% of you responded to a recent questionnaire. Your Top Issues were-

The condition of the redundant Upper Beeding Cement Works Site

  • Perceived average speed in the villages
  • The lack of activities for the youth of the villages
  • Insufficient public transport and affordable housing

The small team is divided into focus groups to handle areas of concern. We would welcome more people to join and help in any way, we are not experts, we just live here like you!

1. Environmental & Countryside

built and natural environment, open spaces,  conservation areas,

allotments and community gardens/open spaces.

2. Community & Infrastructure

existing facilities and assets, new facilities, centres, health, education,

roads, utilities, IT, social and leisure.

3. Local Economy

employment, retail, businesses, tourism, sites and locations.

4. Transport & Traffic

                         public transport, parking, cycle paths, footpaths, bridleways.

5. Housing & Development

                         mix of housing, design control, potential sites, land,

What next?

The team will be attending community events to spread the word and get your views/ideas/concerns

  • Cakes and Hoola Hoop event at the Beeding and Bramber Village Hall on the 23rd May. 3 – 5pm
  • The Upper Beeding School Fair 21st. June, The 3Bs Fete 12th. July
  •  Small Dole Horticultural Show, Pub Quizzes, Rising Sun Beer Festival, Aug BH   etc…

(Early next year we may have a plan to share but it might not happen if we do not have your engagement)

If you wish to get involved, have an idea for community engagement or ideas/concerns to offerany ofthe focus groups please contact Sean Teatum on 07795981969 or or via the Parish Council website. Find out more details on


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