Neighbourhood Plan Focus Groups


Upper Beeding NP Community & Infrastructure Final Version 5 January 2017

Upper Beeding Parish Neighbourhood Plan Local Economy Final V5 September 2016

Upper Beeding Parish NP Country & Environment Final V8 October 2016

Upper Beeding NP Housing and Development- Final Version 19 July 2016

Focus Groups

The following Teams were agreed. As there were no people available for T&T it was agreed that each of the Groups would look at this under their own heading.

  • (E&C) Environmental & Countryside (built and natural environment, open spaces, conservation areas, allotments and community gardens/open spaces. Simon Birnstingl, Chris Warren & Joyce Shaw
  • (C&I) Community & Infrastructure,(existing facilities and assets, new facilities, centres, health, education, roads, utilities, IT, social and leisure. Juliet Hindson & John Chilver
  • (LE) Local Economy, (employment, retail, businesses, tourism, sites and locations). Mike Bray & Neil Bird.
  • (H&D) Housing & Development (mix of housing, design control, potential sites, land,) Sean Teatum & Sally Norvell- Baker
  • (T&T) Transport & Traffic (public transport, parking, cycle paths, footpaths, bridleways.) To be combined in each of the above.


 Housing & Development

 Upper Beeding NP Housing and Development- Version 18 draft May 2016

  • Look at how we can provide Affordable Housing as well as ‘Higher End of Market’
  • Produce a programme of planned and controlled house building to provide integrated and sympathetic growth
  • Look at what additional utility infrastructure improvements and support services would be required
  • Seek to work with landowners to agree areas where housing could be provided to meet the needs and agreement of the Parish

 Local Economy

Upper Beeding Parish NP Local Economy V4 August 2015

  • Improve the local economy by improving & introducing new opportunities for businesses to grow & prosper, allowing significant local benefit from economic growth
  • Introduce and encourage better ways of enabling employment & investment to the benefit of the forecasted demands that will present themselves.
  • Identify business / commercial areas
  • Identify potential for sustainable & acceptable growth
  • Identify Improvement to infrastructure & services
  • Identify Improvements to transport & communications

 Environment & Countryside

Upper Beeding Parish NP Country & Environment V7 May 2016

  • Retain the villages character of small settlements surrounded by a working countryside.
  • Present employment opportunities for residents, retaining the character of skills and enterprise.
  • Enhance the built area  by improved character of any developments that have been allowed.
  • Improve Links between settlements  and involve the community actively with local matters.
  • Introduce planned programmes of planting and other simple methods to help protect the parish from the worst effects of a changing climate.
  • Redevelop the cement works site into a nationally recognised feature providing recreation and employment to the area.

 Community & Infrastructure

Upper Beeding NP Community & Infrastructure Version 4 September 2015

  • Review our current Health, Education & Training, Social & Leisure & Spiritual amenities in our Villages and produce recommendations for change / improvements based on the findings and desire of the Community
  • Review Utilities, Road network & IT/Communications structure and future plans and determine if they will fit the future needs and growth of the community.
  • Manage identified areas where improvements might be made, such as road widening, cycle paths and facilities for more youth activities.
  • Liaise between the adjacent community facilities to discuss possibilities of pooling resources.
  • Identify where people see that improvements need to be made