Notes from NP Meeting 5th July 2017

ATTENDEES: Andrew Purches, Miles Carey, John Rowland, Sally Norvell-Baker, Katherine Bowlan & Sean Teatum
APOLOGIES: Jennifer Wood, Alan Chilver, Mike Bray, Juliet Hindson, Geoffrey & Carol Parker and Joyce Parker

1. Update / expand any points from July report to PC

  • Wrote to SDNP re: their site assessments and waiting for their feedback.
  • Wrote to WSCC to seek better support from their Planning Dept. Still waiting response
  • Received a request from a Small Dole resident regarding extending the Built Up Area Boundary (BUAB). Will follow up Norman Kwan’s recommendation and not include in NP
  • The meeting with AECOM on Housing Needs Assessment went well and they hope to complete the HNA by end of July for us to assess with final sign off by mid August
  • I have applied to Locality for assistance with our Site Surveys. They have accepted our application and have left with AECOM to get in touch to advise.
  • Will be carrying out some review of sites with Norman Kwan of HDC on 14th. July

2. Take up any other points / issues

  • Sally confirmed that we will not have to undertake an SEA. She will contact her source on this to get full details as to why this will not have to be done. ACTION Sally
  • We have asked AiRS to produce a new project plan based on latest date of HNA
    PC asked about Call for Sites and formal notice, the chair said he would write to the Chair/Clerk of the PC to confirm our policy on this and to advertise on our PC notice boards. ACTION Sean

3. Agree next meeting
It was agreed that we would wait until we had time to assess the new HNA which AECOM suggested should be ready by end of July. So possibly hold next meeting by 2nd week in August TBA

Sean Teatum
Chair of UBNP

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