Notes from NP Team Meeting 15th March 2017…………DONM 5th April 2017

Attendees: John Rowland, Alan Chilver, Miles Carey, Joyce Shaw, Katherine Bowlan, Sally Norvell-Baker, Sean Teatum (Chair), Jennifer Wood, Juliet Hindson, Carol and Geoff Parker, Andrew Purches, Miles Carey, Jennifer Wood
Apologies: Mike Bray, Paul Hojka
1. Update
The Chair welcomed all and asked whether anyone had any additional items to add to the agenda. There were none. The update since the last meeting was around CAs, HDC feedback and Green Spaces which were all covered as items under the agenda.
2. Green Spaces
Katherine said that she had updated the Green Spaces Document as best she could but felt there were still holes in the document and wondered what feedback HDC had given on it. (NONE TO DATE). She felt that Tottington Wood was no longer eligible to be included due to its Ancient Woodland status. The Chair also stated that he was having difficulty getting the consent of the various owners who had a stake in various pieces of land within the Wood and had received mixed responses to date. Also Katherine now felt that Wilderbrooks did not meet the size required as was too large.
ACTION :The Chair said he would look into both of these and the document and attempt to finish. 
3. Feedback from HDC on NP Documents submitted for review.
The Chair distributed the feedback to date from Norman Kwan of HDC. It seemed Norman had focused on the Housing element of the Plan re: HNS, Site Surveys, Lack of Market Housing and criteria used to decide on sites. The Team in the main felt he had misread / not fully understood what had been produced. He also commented on the Policies which in the main were supported. He said the rest of the Documents had been given to his colleagues to comment on. It was agreed that we should have a F2F meeting with Norman and get feedback from our Consultant and the rest of the HDC Team on the other parts of the report.
ACTION: The Chair to request a meeting . THE FOLLOWING SENT TO HDC TODAY🙁Hi Norman, We had our NP meeting last night and discussed your points. The feeling from the meeting was that you may require more clarity in what we have produced and if unclear then perhaps we need to expand some detail. As regards producing another HNS that’s fine if HDC are going to pay but can’t see what is wrong with the one produced. Anyway we felt that a meeting F2F or on the phone is the way forward rather than emails so that we can clarify any additional requirements sooner and therefore get on with the task at hand. Do you have any idea when your colleagues will complete the other parts of the Plan they are reviewing.Perhaps based on the above you could offer some times and dates to meet)
4. Community Assets
The Chair clarified how CAs were recorded and accepted by HDC and left it to individuals to raise with the PC if they wanted any CAs proposed.
5. Cement Works
The Chair had heard that Steve Dudman’s cut off to fund the purchase of the Cement Works from Hargreaves was the 23rd. March. Some activity had been noted on the site of removal of some work and transport, whether this had any bearing on the purchase or not will soon become evident. The ZED Factory were still interested in purchasing the site.
6. AOB
The Chair stated that he would be presenting an update to the APM on the 27th. April. He would also inform the APM that he would be standing down from the NP Team at the end of April but would make himself available to share any knowledge he had on the Plan to whoever might take over. It was felt that me standing down and HDC’s change of course dictated that we may need a larger provision of funding and needed to put forward to the PC a revised estimate based on what the professionals tell us it will take for them to do more and see this through to a successful conclusion if a successor cant be found. It was felt that if the PC was unable to underwrite the additional cost, then the NP Team would have to seriously consider their future as a committee. Thus there will be some changes and decisions required by the PC.
ACTION The Chair will  prepare with the help of Allison and Faustina the following:
1. What still needs to be done
2. Timescales to complete
3. What are the outstanding costs
4. What will be the additional costs if we can’t get anyone to take over my role and have to use Consultants
Some of the above to complete will depend on how soon we can get a follow up meeting with HDC to clarify their requirements and any further changes to our Plan
Based on the above it was felt that the next meeting should be in 3 weeks time the 5th April
Sean Teatum

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