Notes from UBNP Team Meeting 17th January 2018

Those Present: Jennifer Wood,Andrew Purches,Miles Carey, John Rowland, Alan Chilver, Sally Norvell Baker, Joyce Shaw and Sean Teatum (Chair)
Apologies: Juliet Hindson, Mike Newall, Peter Gardner,

Katherine Bowlan is in the process of leaving the village and I was informed will no longer be part of the NP Team. I would like to thank Katherine for all her help on the NP Team and her support and recommendations in helping to produce the UBNP. Good Luck in your future plans outside of West Sussex.

1. Update since last meeting
· Delayed production of Draft Plan so that it is one Plan submitted to HDC for a healthcheck and not in two parts as discussed to try and catch up with the delay caused by Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) and Site Assessments (SA).It was felt that a 2 part Plan may only cause confusion and not improve greatly on delays.
· Attended the Community Housing Event with Miles held in Steyning by AiRS.I found it very useful food for thought but with any of these type of projects to succeed you need a leader and a core of people to support but it could be a way to provide some cheaper housing in the village and offer a way of developing a cooperative approach for the elderly. Any takers.
· Final HNA agreed with AECOM, this shows a requirement of 213 dwellings, or 15 dwellings per year over the Plan Period (rounded).
· Sally and I met with the SouthDown Project and some residents from Dacre Gdns to review status of their project. Things still seem to be progressing on their side but the owner of the site is still Steve Dudman and in recent correspondence with him and the PC he still feels he has a plan that SDNPA will accept. Who knows ? Agreed with Dacre Gdns residents to include an additional aspirational requirement in our NP as follows ‘ Provide improved road safety measures on the A283 on the approach to Dacre Gardens and a recognised road crossing from the Dacre Gardens side of the A283 to the river side and bus stop.’
· Received Site Assessments from AECOM just before Christmas but have had no feedback from Team, HDC, AiRS or Consultants on content and therefore not in a position to make recommendations to the PC. We have an NP Team meeting planned for 17th. Jan and an NP meeting with HDC, AiRS, our Consultants and Henfield NP Team on 19th. January, where we hope to decide on sites. A summary of AECOM’s report is below and if anyone wants the detailed report please let me know, it will be published on the PC website once it has been fully discussed with the Team. It would be good if the PC can agree Site Selection recommendations at the next PC Meeting on 6th.February.

ACTION POINTS from Last Meeting
Site Surveys : A/P The chair to liaise with the PC Chair and Clerk: Liaised and decided that formal sign off of sites will be the 6th Feb PC Meeting
Draft NP: A/P All :The chair asked all to review and send any comments back to him ASAP. Comments received from Miles, Pete Gardner and the Chair and sent to Allison
A/P The chair to seek guidance from Allison and HDC as to the best way forward on healthcheck of Draft NP that won’t delay the NP further. It was decided to submit the plan in one document
A/P Chair to liaise with AiRS on updating the project plan.Based on current outstanding work it was hoped to have the Draft Plan ready to submit to HDC by end of February and the Consultation to start mid April 2018
A/P Chair to seek clarity and confirm that the Design Statement referenced is completed and ensure flint is clearly shown to be included in any new developments. Design Statement circulated and confirmed that it does include flint as part of the recommendations for house build in the Parish

2. Site Assessments
AECOM Site Assessments High Level Summary
Those shown as amber/green are most likely and easier to develop, those shown as amber/red are not undevelopable but do have some issues/constraints that will need to be resolved before being recommended. One site on the Henfield Road is not considered to be developable. The dwelling yield shown is that of AECOM’s and not one that we have discussed of agreed within the NP Team.

AECOM’s professional opinion, based on the evidence presented in this report, is that of the eight sites assessed as being within the amber category (Sites 1-8), it is Sites 1, 4, 5 and 8 that have the greatest potential to be moved to the green category. These sites could provide up to 100 homes. If Site 1 is allocated there is the potential to also bring forward Sites 2 and 3 as one large site. Sites 2 and 3 could provide an additional 131 homes. The allocation of all of these sites could provide up to 231 homes meeting Upper Beeding’s housing need. The NP Team feel that this number is too high and depending on the development decided a much lower number would be more acceptable

AECOM understand that concerns have been raised regarding Pound Lane and its capacity to accommodate additional development. From reviewing the Transport Assessment prepared to support recent planning applications at Sites 2 and 3 Pound Lane is not expected to be significantly affected as a result of the delivery of Sites 2 and 3. For clarity, it may be useful for an assessment to be undertaken to determine the cumulative traffic impacts of allocating Sites 1-3. It will be the requirement of any development to satisfy the PC that traffic flow and safety standards are met to the satisfaction of the Community and PC before any development would be recommended and that any additional sewage infrastructure requirements are built into any plans.

Site 6 is within the South Downs National Park and development on the site would result in the direct loss of greenfield land from the National Park. However, it can be argued that the provision of residential care homes would benefit the public and wider community. If the site is to be considered for allocation it will be necessary for UBPC (through the landowner/developer) to provide evidence to demonstrate that there is a local need for the type of residential care homes proposed. The allocation of the site for residential care homes (Use Class C1) can be counted towards Upper Beeding’s housing need on the basis that providing a care home place will often release a house onto the market).SDNPA HAVE STATED THEY SUPPORT THIS DEVELOPMENT AND THIS STATEMENT HAS BEEN SENT TO AECOM.

A number of sites have been identified as causing possible visual impact and landscape sensitivity to SDNPA, these will be raised with SDNPA for clarity.

The NP Team recommended a number of points to be raised with AECOM for correction and clarification and that clearer indication be given through their report on the sites that can be recommended for inclusion in the plan.

The Chairman will write to AECOM and set up a meeting to dicuss the above and re-issue the Site Assessment report following the meeting.

3. Meeting with HDC & Henfield PC.
A meeting is planned with HDC on the 19th. January to discuss the above. I can report further that this meeting took place with Norman Kwan and Gavin Curwen from HDC, Allison Keech, Miles Carey, Alan Chilver and Sean Teatum onthe 19th. January.
The meeting discussed all the Proposed Sites and recommendations. It was agreed that we should clarify with AECOM the points raised previously, check with SDNPA on any concerns they may have on the sites and ask the Environmental Agency for any feedback on the Riverside Site. All these actions are in progress and HDC agreed to provide a more detailed feedback on our Site Assessments by 26/01/18.

Following the HDC meeting we met with Henfield PC NP Team to discuss site proposals for Small Dole. It was agreed that both PCs will work together on ensuring sites being proposed are in the best interest of the whole Community of Small Dole and maintain the level of sustainability for a small village.

4. Next Steps
It was agreed that we would progress the site assessments ASAP and be formally put to the UBPC at the Council Meeting on the 6th. February.
Allison will continue to progress our Draft Plan with the intention that following the HDC healthcheck we will try to start our Consultation Process by mid April 2018
Our next NP Team Meeting TBA

Sean Teatum
Chair of NP

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