The Bridge Inn

This information was supplied by the owners of the Inn in December 2014. The Parish Council are not responsible for the accuracy of this information.

The Bridge Inn is one of the most prominent and attractive Grade II listed buildings in Upper Beeding. Built circa 1833 and becoming a public house on the ground floor in around 1881 with residential parts above, it served the community well for many years until it closed in 2009. Despite its popularity for most of that time, in the years leading up to its closure it had sadly fallen into a state of disrepair and dilapidation. Major changes had been made to the building over the years, and conservation guidelines had not been followed.

After a long period of planning application consideration and amendment, permission was granted in 2013 to completely renovate the building and sympathetically restore it to its former beauty. It will be converted to a Licensed Cafe on the West side of the ground floor, accessible via a new entranceway on the existing footpath. The cafe seating area will include outside space in the garden at the rear, with a decked area providing stunning uninterrupted views of the river and South Downs. Boat moorings will be reinstated on the river bank to provide a stop-off point for those sailing on the river, and the river footpath and fences will be repaired and improved. The cafe will offer Italian-style coffees and light refreshments, with a high quality range of wines and beers. The remainder of the building will be restored as a private residential house with an extension at the back, consisting of a kitchen and a veranda above as the outside space for the residential parts. The rear of this and neighbouring properties will then be private, with visitors accessing the cafe and garden via the public footpath.

Planned to open in Autumn 2015, the vision for The Bridge Cafe is to provide a stylish social meeting place which offers refreshments to residents of Upper Beeding and the many cyclists, dog walkers, tourists and those sailing on the river. Most importantly, this beautiful historical building will become relevant to the village once again.