UBNP December Update to Parish Council

Housing Needs Assessment HNA
We are now on Draft 5 of the HNA and still waiting for AECOM to clarify the 200+ homes recommended with regards to inclusion of an SDNPA number. Also waiting feedback from HDC and SDNPA.
Green Spaces
The Green Spaces Doc has been updated and re-issued and is waiting the inclusion of some additional maps. The recommended spaces are:
  • Hyde Street Green
  • Pepperscombe Lane
  • Priory Fields Green
  • St Peter’s Green & floodplain
  • Saltings Field
  • Small Dole Playground
Site Surveys
I attended the site surveys carried out by AECOM and we are hoping to get the results of the 9 sites before Christmas.
Once we have received feedback we must decide which sites to go forward with and have these approved by the UBPC. This might be possible at the 9th January Council Meeting.
The sites visited were:
1. Strip of land Smugglers Lane
2. Land East of Pound Lane
3. Little Paddocks
6. Land at Greenfields Henfield Road
11.  Oxcroft Farm South End Small Dole
16. Valerie Manor Henfield Rd
17. Church Farm UB Adj. Caravan Park
18. Riverside Caravan Park
19. Burrells Henfield Road, Small Dole
I met with Henfield PC NP Team when they carried out their site assessment of Oxcroft Farm Small Dole as part of our working together on sites in Small Dole
Draft Neighbourhood Plan
A list of Non Statutory Community Aspirations has been produced and included in the latest Draft NP . These are:
  • Additional parking improvements and enforcement to increase safety levels for children, pedestrians and cyclists and improved access for buses and school children
  • Additional enforcement of dog fouling regulations.
  • Max speed limit of 30mph in all Built Up Areas of the Parish and 20mph near higher population densities.
  • Introduce infrastructure needs assessment for every construction proposal.
  • Introduce Flood Prevention work based on rolling 50 years. To include government estimates of construction requirements, traffic and climate change.
  • Improve access to Hyde Lane from the High St. and look at widening the road to reduce congestion.
  • Protect the old school buildings to stop them being converted or knocked down for housing.
  • Protect our shops that support our community.
  • Supporting Green Tourism to enable local employment opportunities
  • The cement works redevelopment and alignment with the emerging SDNP Local Plan policy and area action plan.
  • Supporting the redevelopment of garage blocks as and when they become available for affordable housing
  • Redevelopment of the sports hall and improvement of the storage and changing facilities on the Memorial Playing Field
  • Cycle Lane between Upper Beeding and Small Dole
  • Cycle and Pedestrian Crossing on the A283 to provide safer crossing on the Southdowns Way
  • Improved footpaths and bridleways, notably Windmill Hill, access between Beeding & Small Dole and the Beeding side of the river to Dacre Gardens.
  • Riverside Park along the deeper section of the riverbank by Adur View, extending to Dawn Crescent footpath.
  • Enlarge the public orchard planting in the Hyde Street Open Space and possibly Priory Field,
  • Review the state of our bus shelters and the need for one by Small Dole PO
  • Provide outdoor gym equipment if a suitable location can be found
We are currently considering the value of submitting part of the draft NP to HDC for a healthcheck prior to all the housing info being completed as this is in delay due to the work being undertaken by AECOM. This could cause further delays with HDC querying parts missing and possibly taking longer for each submission than the 6 weeks required for one. As we are behind schedule we have asked HDC to consider the best course of action so as not to delay the plan further.
The latest impact the delays are having on meeting our next milestone of sending the Draft NP to HDC for a healthcheck (planned for December) is looking like 4 weeks.
Once we get a firm date for the Draft NP to be available we will need to set up Consultation Events with the community. These could be in the latter part of January or early February.
DONM to be confirmed and whether we will need to meet to agree sites or can do via email.
Sean Teatum
NP Chairman UBNP.

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