UBNP January 2018 Update to Parish Council

Hi All,

Happy New Year, lets hope its the year we finally complete our Neighbourhood Plan (my New Year’s resolution!!!)

Since last month we have dealt with / actioned the following:

  • Delayed production of Draft Plan so that it is one Plan submitted to HDC for a healthcheck and not in two parts as discussed to try and catch up with the delay caused by Housing Needs Assessment (HNA) and Site Assessments (SA).It was felt that a 2 part Plan may only cause confusion and not improve greatly on delays.
  • Attended the Community Housing Event with Miles held in Steyning by AiRS.I found it very useful food for thought but with any of these type of projects to succeed you need a leader and a core of people to support but it could be a way to provide some cheaper housing in the village and offer a way of developing a cooperative approach for the elderly. Any takers.
    Final HNA agreed with AECOM, this shows a requirement of 213 dwellings, or 15 dwellings per year over the Plan Period (rounded).
  • Sally and I met with the SouthDown Project and some residents from Dacre Gdns to review status of their project. Things still seem to be progressing on their side but the owner of the site is still Steve Dudman and in recent correspondence with him and the PC he still feels he has a plan that SDNPA will accept. Who knows ? Agreed with Dacre Gdns residents to include an additional aspirational requirement in our NP as follows ‘ Provide improved road safety measures on the A283 on the approach to Dacre Gardens and a recognised road crossing from the Dacre Gardens side of the A283 to the river side and bus stop.’
  • Received Site Assessments from AECOM just before Christmas but have had no feedback from Team, HDC, AiRS or Consultants on content and therefore not in a position to make recommendations to the PC. We have an NP Team meeting planned for 17th. Jan and an NP meeting with HDC, AiRS, our Consultants and Henfield NP Team on 19th. January, where we hope to decide on sites. A summary of AECOM’s report is below and if anyone wants the detailed report please let me know, it will be published on the PC website once it has been fully discussed with the Team. It would be good if the PC can agree Site Selection recommendations at the next PC Meeting on 6th.February.

AECOM Site Assessments High Level Summary (See Link Below)

AECOM Site Assessments High Level Summary

[1] AECOM measurement
[2] Where the site was assessed as not suitable for development within the AECOM assessment, the dwelling yield is given as ‘N/A’, though it is provided in full for all sites within Appendix A. Where the dwelling yield is given as a range, this represents the lowest (15 dph) and highest (40 dph) potential densities.

Sean Teatum
Chairman of NP Team

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