UBNP October Update to Parish council



Things have been rather slow this month:

• We are waiting for the Housing Needs Assessment to be signed off by Locality following our response to AECOM on the draft. Thought this would be completed by mid. September but looks like in will now be October 6th or 9th!
• Waiting for a date for AECOM to start the site assessments.
• Meeting planned with HDC, SDNPA, AiRS, our consultant and members of the NP Team on 9th Oct to discuss next steps, what response the District have to our final Housing Needs number (189?) and the support they will be able to give us.
• Problems with finding ownership of our garages around UB that we are looking into possible regenerating to Affordable Homes. Saxon Weald say they own very few garages and are not looking to sell them and have no plans to redevelop them. Adur Valley Court own around 54 through their leaseholders. I have written to Lambeth Council to find out more info on their scheme.
• I was asked to check out WSCC’s ongoing plans for Smugglers Lane site and its use for Affordable Homes (AH). They said they were still keen to promote this land for housing, although any feasibility work required in connection with future development would not be a high priority given the number of other projects they had. They said that WSCC is legally bound to achieve best value when disposing or developing its assets and commercially ‘affordable housing’ would not produce best value. This did seem to be a very negative comment seeing as the PC had previously worked with WSCC and AiRS to produce plans for AHs. Should the PC follow this up?
• Met with the Small Dole (SD) Village Hall Team to discuss NP on 27th. Sept. and Ray Osgood the Henfield NP Chair. Concern in SD regards lack of representation on NP Teams. We offered to use Village Hall Team as virtual NP Team and build up better comms, input and feedback.
• Henfield’s draft HNA has been produced showing a requirement for 272 – 285 new homes.
• Wrote to SDNPA to find out how their Action Plan on the Cement Works is progressing and would they be willing to attend a public meeting in UB to discuss and review other options for the site. They said that this would be a good idea but not until early 2018.
• Finally got a response from WSCC regarding infrastructure and site access issues and some contacts to use to get limited support.
• Next NP Team Meeting TBA depending on progress, possibly 25th Oct.at the HUB UB, will confirm on the PC website along with more NP News http://upperbeeding-pc.gov.uk/neighbourhood-plan/

Sean Teatum Chairman of the UB NP Team

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