I have assessed the voting that we did via our website and removed votes which had been made by the same computer more than 2 times and the vote is in fact more than 2 : 1 in favour of reducing the speed limit.

The Parish Council  debated this at the last Council meeting and have taken the decision to pursue the introduction of a 20MPH zone within the village from the boundaries of the Bridge in the High Street, the roundabout at the Rising Sun and the junction of Manor Road and Henfield Road.

David Barling has written to WSCC on our behalf to ask how to take this forward and what preliminary work can be done and that this will need to go on the agenda for the CLC meeting of 5th March, possibly as a separate item for debate.

There will still be a lot to do to to move this forward and considerable officer time will need to be devoted to this if the CLC resolves to proceed in principle and will need to be slotted into a time frame, then there will be a formal public consultation carried out by WSCC which may bring forward more objections.


  • Britain has the highest percentage of pedestrian road fatalities in Europe 22.5%.
  • Britain has one of the lowest levels of children walking or cycling to school in Europe.
  • Speed limits on Britain’s urban roads are 60% higher than Europe. (30 mph compared to 18.6 mph)
  • Parents cite traffic speed as the main reason why their children are not allowed to cycle or walk to school.
  • Lowering urban & residential speed limits to 20 mph increases urban journeys by just 40 seconds maximum.
  • Lowering urban and residential limits to 20 mph decreases child pedestrian accidents by up to 70% (TRL).
  • In Portsmouth the 20mph limit on all residential roads has reduced casualties by 22%.


Recommendations have been made to declare the village of Upper Beeding (defined by the access points at Beeding Bridge, the roundabout at the Junction of Shoreham Road A2037 & Steyning By Pass A283 and the Village sign on the Henfield Road A2037 coming from Small Dole) a 20 MPH speed limit area.